D.S.S. race-prepped engine blocks


D.S.S. Level 20 CNC Race Prepped Blocks are technologically advanced. Our Ultra Seal cylinder prep is very detailed and time consuming, however it provides ring seal and power second to none.


You could settle for average performance, but why? 20 CNC race prepped blocks give you power you can feel and the winning advantage you desire. This system has been Race proven in numerous 650+ HP production blocks.

Over 35 blueprinting operations. Dyno proven to produce 40+HP over a standard
production block. Level 20 have advanced features like our Elliptical Cylinder
Chamfer (on non big bore blocks) and threaded freeze plugs CNC stroker clearanced
for 331/347 or 408/427 providing you the ultimate block for easy, do-it-yourself
stroker engine assembly.





D.S.S. Has designed and built a new engine block fixturing system. This fixture
locates the engine block of the main and cam bore centerlines, exclusively (not
the oil pan rails like most other CNC block fixtures). It is this advancement that
gives us the ability to produce an extremely true engine block, aiding in the production
of horsepower and longevity.



  • DSS AX8200 Small Block Ford Aluminum 8.200 deck Block......

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