main cap walk splits blocks!

D.S.S. Racing Main Support System dampens the harmonics that make main caps walk. The images below are examples of what main cap walk can do if it is not controlled:

Cracking in the main webbing in a production block is common on engines without an Aluminum Main Support to dampen the harmonics. The D.S.S. Main Support System adds an additional 3/4" thick main web to support the main and dampen the harmonics that crack blocks.

This system has been Race proven in numerous 650+ HP production blocks.



Additional stresses generated by running higher RPM or using power adders are transferred directly through the pistons, rods, and crankshaft to the block's main webbing. The reciprocating force can overwhelm the main bearing caps and the fasteners that hold them in place.

Under heavy loads, the cpas will shift or 'walk' from side to side. This movement is transferred to the ends of the main cap fasteners, causing the threads to become fatigued. Eventually the main web cracks, leading to a loss in oil pressure and possibly TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the block and internal components.



Easily add strength to your production block

Starting at just $329.95, the D.S.S. Main Support System is a very cost effective way to add strength to a production block. Made of 3/4" Billet 6061-T6 aluminum, the D.S.S. Main Support System effectively dampens damaging harmonics, virtually elimanting main bearing walk. The Main Support Plate is fastened to the main caps using custon ARP main studs (included), effectively tying all five main caps together. By adding another main web structure you dramtically increase the block's strength.


When you make big Horsepower Even 4 bolt Splayed caps wont save you from the damage that Main Cap walk causes. The answer is to dampen the harmonics that cause the main caps to move in the first place. The D.S.S. Aluminum Main Support System is the only system on the market that addresses this problem.


Note all the metal transfer on the cap parting surface. This fretting is caused by the cap walking back and forth, friction welding transferring metal between the cap and block.


Note the block side damage. This picture shows the stakeing process needed to tighten up the cap register. Main cap walk has pounded the registers out of the block making the caps loose. Scrapping the block or Stakeing to tighten it back up and align honing is the only fix at this point. The D.S.S. Aluminum Main support System would have prevented this.

Our Main Support System makes it possible to produce 650+ HP from a production block.


  • Fits Most Stock And Aftermarket Oil Pans
  • Easily Bolts To Your Engine With Custom ARP Mains Studs And Hardware
  • No Costly Machine Work Required
  • 650+ HP Possible From A Production Block
  • Makes A 2-Bolt Block Stronger Than A Production 4-Bolt Main Block.
  • Constructed From 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum
  • Deadens The Harmonics That Cause Main Cap Walk And Block Failure


MSS1001...289, 302, 302 Boss 5.0 Production Block
- Also Fits Dart Sportsman And iron Eagle 8.2 Deck - Fits Most Strokers......

• MSS1002....5.0X - Fits New Ford Boss Block - Fits Most Strokers.....................

• MSS1020....351W/5.8W Production Block - Fits Most Strokers...........................

• MSS1022....5.8X - Fits Dart Iron Eagle And Sportsman Block..............................

• MSS1030....4.6/5.4 Ford MOD 2V And 4V - Fits Most Strokers................................

• MSS1035....4.6/5.4 Ford MOD 3V Alum - Fits Most Strokers...................................

• MSS1050....429/460 Big Block Ford - Fits Most Strokers......................................


Pro Tray Windage Control


Free up Extra Horsepower by reducing power robbing oil windage! Also helps remove aeration from you oil improving the quality of oil that is introduced into the oil pump!

The strict definition of windage is the power loss caused by the friction of the oil in the engine coming into non-lubrication contact with the moving parts inside the engine." -, Feb. 2006

Windage occurs when oil splashes against the crank or even creates a 'vortex' or 'bubbles' of oil as the rpms increase. This unwanted dissemination of oil robs the engine of valuable power – the power you've worked so hard to gain.

The D.S.S. Pro Tray Windage Control breaks up and prevents unwanted friction of oil against the crank and restores HP. It also removes aeration form your oil, improving the quality of the oil when introduced to the oil pump.

Starting at only $119.95, the D.S.S. Pro Tray Windage Control is one of the most affordable ways to add HP to your engine, and protect it from windage as the rpms increase.


7005...289,302,5.0 For use With MSS # 1001 & 1002

7010...351W/5.8W For Use With MSS # 1020 & 1022

429/460 Big Block Ford For Use With MSS # 1050












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